We offer a range of vacuum cleaners suitable for industrial use particularly in the following settings:

Industrial plants

For the easy removal of sludge and oil spills before they become hazards.

Transportation Industry

Where the seats, floors and doors of buses, trains and private taxis require frequent cleaning.

Cement and Brick Factories

Where the huge build-up of dust needs to be easily removed.

Asbestos Plants and Hazardous Dust Removal

Where the quick and safe removal of hazardous materials is imperative.

Asbestos Plants and Hazardous Dust Removal

Where the quick and safe removal of hazardous materials is imperative.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Experts

With more than 50 years' experience in producing industrial vacuum cleaners, Sibilia has earned its reputation as a leading brand of industrial cleaning equipment in South Africa. From portable vacuum cleaners for yarn dust removal to compressed air vacuums for the removal of sludge, the Sibilia range is equipped to handle all your industrial cleaning needs. We have single phase, three phase and air driven vacuum cleaners available. These vacuum cleaners can be used in portable or fixed formats, for wet or dry suction of almost anything from fine dust, hazardous material, coolants and oils.

About Us

ITS Simply Clean was established in 1996 in Cape Town by the existing owners and management with over 36 years of experience in the cleaning equipment industry. Our company has grown from 3 staff members to a compliment of 68 based in sales and service offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban and George.

Why purchase from us?

Kärcher Distributor of the year 2011 - 2014

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Training Of Equipment

Should we be favored with your valued business, we undertake to train staff in the correct handling and maintenance of our products. We also provide free follow-up training should it be required.

Full Maintenance Agreements

We have a full maintenance agreement plan for all equipment sold by ITS. This program allows us to perform preventative maintenance as opposed to corrective maintenance which renders much more expensive.

On-Site & Off-Site Repairs

We operate a C-Track system throughout our 17-vehicle fleet, thus allowing our call service operators to establish the nearest service vehicle to a given breakdown to ensure a prompt turnaround time. Within each region we have a standby technician for after-hours and emergency call-outs.

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The Sibilia S30 vacuum truck in action.

Our Philosophy

ITS strives to provide affordable and quality cleaning equipment solutions for commercial and industrial use in Africa and South Africa.

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  • I would just like to thank you for the friendly, efficient and reliable service I have received from you all.

    Janice d'Hotman Three Falls Farm

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Our brands

We are the authorised dealer for the following respected brands.


Market Leaders

In terms of bulk materials handling we are the market leader in heavy duty industrial vacuum solutions and currently the only manufacturer of high performance industrial vacuums in South Africa in the range of 55kw up to 300kw. Not only do we offer high quality products, but we also use the latest technology to assure the highest possible performance is delivered at all times. By constantly researching and developing our products in association with our international partners, we have been able to design bulk materials handling and processing equipment, including vacuum systems that are tailor made to suit specific client applications and that best match both the specific local and international requirements.

Customised Projects

We can develop projects tailored to clients’ specific needs using CAD 2D and 3D. The best way to keep any plant clean is certainly having sealed conveyor lines, a good de-dusting system and of course an efficient industrial vacuum cleaning system.

Truck Mounted Units

Powerful and versatile, this range permits suction of all types of material: gravel and rubble up to 60 mm in diameter or the finest of dusts inclined to clog, sludges and liquids. All the diesel versions have independent auxiliary engines permitting a considerable reduction of fuel consumption while functioning.


Containers of various shapes and sizes, practical and efficient, all fitted with extremely high performance cyclones. Used with Sibilia’s large-scale suction systems they permit the collection of various materials with relative handling and emptying through the opening on the bottom or the lateral chute. Available in sizes from 0.5m³ to 2m³.


We offer containers of various types holding from 3 to 12m³ fitted with a highly efficient cyclone or filter positioned internally. In special cases both these solutions can be adopted at the same time. If you need any more information on Sibilia tanks or any other information on this page, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us.

Series S Big vacuums

These units are the result of Siblia’s considerable experience in the field of industrial suction systems and the construction of vacuum pumps. They can be used in any environment where cleaning or the transport of considerable quantities of dusty, granular, liquid or muddy material in incorporated containers, silos or forkable pre-separators of one or more m³ is required.

Fixed Vacuum Systems

The creation of a centralised suction system certainly has many advantages such as recovering materials within the production cycle, transferring the materials to a predefined collection point to then dispose of them in Big Bags or put them back into the production cycle and keeping production lines clean and efficient, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Factors to consider when choosing your vacuum cleaner

Deciding which industrial cleaning equipment to use for your business is not a task that should be taken lightly. Wrong decisions could lead to contamination, machine breakdowns and even danger. Some of the questions to ask include:

Weight and portability

With vacuum cleaner weights ranging from 40 – 2950 kilograms, we offer a broad range of options.

Spares availability

Highly efficient and easy to use, Sibilia industrial vacuum units require no special tools or extensive training for your cleaning staff. And with a 10-year guarantee on the supply of spares, you can be assured that your industrial vacuum cleaner will endure the heavy duty required.


If you have space constraints, the size of your vacuum cleaner would obviously be important. The dimensions of the largest Sibilia vacuum cleaner are 2750x1750x2300 mm and the smallest are 450x350x900 mm.


The suction power of our vacuum cleaners range from 200 – 8200 decapascals. The higher the suction, the greater the power of the cleaner.